Hostages murder detailed report

Aslan Kudzoyev, a captive who managed to escape last night from the seized school in Beslan, North Ossetia told Caucasus Times correspondent a detailed story. In the initial phase of the attack, the man said, the terrorists separated the hostages and herded children into the gymnasium, while adults were held on the ground floor.

At 11 a. m. the terrorists picked 15 strongest men of the hostages and shot the down on the second floor, Mr. Kudzoyev said.

At the night of September 2, one of the terrorists forced Mr. Kodzoyev upstairs and ordered him to throw 15 bodies of the killed hostages out the window. After the 14th corpse had fallen on the ground Mr. Kodzoyev realized he would be next and jumped out the window. The terrorist started shooting at him but missed, the rescued man said.

The bodies of hostages still lay outside the building. The terrorist do not allow to remove them, opening troubling fire from the windows.

Islam Tekushev, Asiyat Sagmatova, Caucasus Times